Whats new in v11 ?

The most awaited and anticipated update to sionChickens has now been released. Revision 2 Sub-Version 11 (V11) is, by far, the biggest and best update ever seen and there are things you need to know before you update your chickens to avoid eggs from dying. That's right, eggs can now be killed or broken, so please read this carefully.

New features:

  • Eggs are now UNIQUE ONE OF A KINDS
  • Eggs die in inventory, same as lives
  • Eggs are delicate and can be broken
  • Eggs need to be boxed to save or sell
  • Lives will now be named sionChicken
  • Lives have new wings! They are so cute!
  • Lives will be happy to see their owners
  • Lives seek "sionChicken coop" to sleep
  • Lives have floating text upon death
  • Major Communication Improvements

Fixed bugs / Improvements:

  • Food update deaths - Fixed
  • Genetic disorders deaths - Fixed
  • Boxing/releasing deaths - Fixed
  • "Broken Necks" when asleep - Fixed
  • Performance increased greatly for all chickens
  • Lag greatly reduced for all chickens
  • Collision calculation reduced by 50% for all chickens


New varieties of chickens

There are 3 new variations of the originals, with Ancients and Scarce that are available to all V11 chickens. New Wave requires a new start with new eggs that are only available from Sion. See below for more details.

Blacks will now be a new race of chickens known as "Scarce" and can mate. Scarce chickens can be either male or female and can be made happy by giving them toys. You can lower their anger level long enough for them to mate with any other chickens or with other Scarce chickens. If your timing is off, or if they are left together too long, the Scarce chickens become angry again and will kill the hen or rooster you pen with them to mate. This you will have to figure out on your own.

The odds of a Scarce chicken egg is 1 in every 100 eggs laid but if you can figure out how to mate a Scarce hen with a Scarce rooster, the odds they lay a Scarce egg increase to 1 in 10. Scacre eggs look like any other eggs so you will not know what it is until you box it in one of the new sionEgg boxes. Scare chickens will happen in both the New Wave race and the Original race but will only mate with other chickens within their race. All Scarce chickens have black bodies and contrasting colours whether they are male or female.

All Scarce chickens are considered rare but will vary greatly in price according to the rarity of the contrasting colour which could boost them to ultra rares. V10 black eggs will update and should, once again, be considered as a semi-rare. V10 updates will not have contrasting colours. Chickens killed trying to mate with Scarce chickens will not be replaced but should be revivable with healing kits. Since there are currently no V11 Scarce chickens or eggs available, they will be very high priced when they are laid. Please consult the price guide when it is released.

All races have new sculpted wings.

Improved Communications

Communications have been greatly altered and improved. Failures in communication should no longer happen so the deaths cause by lag or other interference, have been eliminated. This includes using boxes, updating through food and genetic disorders. This comes into affect once they have successfully updated to V11 so for now, there is still a slight risk of death updating from V10 to V11.

This improved communication also reduces lag significantly and at the same time collision calculations have decreased by 50% and performance greatly increased. What does all of this mean to you? That's simple !! It means you can now have even more chickens on your land !!! YAY !!!