Transport Box

SionChicken Transport BoxDid you ever want to move your chicken into another Region?

Now you can! Place this box near your chicken and click the box. The chicken that is closest to the box and belongs to you will be boxed up. you are then able to safely move to another region or set it for sale. To release your chicken, simply click the box again and the box will vanish and the chicken will be freed. Only these two simple steps are needed!

Did you ever want update your chickens more quickly than placing food bowls on the ground?

You can now do this, with this brand new sionChicken transport box.

Did you ever want to send a living chicken to someone?

Box up your chicken and give this box to the desired avatar. It's so easy!

Did you ever want to store your chickens due to major life crises?

You can! This box stores chickens up to 96 hours!!!

Warning: Please note that all stored chickens will have version sub11 after they had been picked up with this box. Also be aware that a very small percentage of chickens may die unexpectedly during this process but is highly unlikely.