My chicken moves slowly and it does not eat.
The cause might be caused by lag. This issue often occurs in Homestead sims where you share server-resources with three other regions.

I have some chickens, they work fine, but the hens dont lay eggs anymore!
To prevent overpopulation, hens do not lay eggs in groups with more than eight chickens.

My chicken is moving ok, but it wont eat after an upgrade to the most recent version!
Please use up your food bowls before upgrading. There are cases in which old food bowls won't be eaten by chickens.

My chicken is eating too much?
ONE chicken needs ONE food bowl per week. This is a fact.

My chicken is sleeping all the time OR my chicken is alive and does not grow! Why?
Check the sun settings of your Region! sionChickens need a nomal day/night cycle in order to grow correctly.

The status display won't appear anymore when i touch my chicken.
The land you rezzed them on might be group owned. On your avatar try to activate the same group that has land-rights. The chicken will hatch very soon.

The eggs won't hatch, i've been waiting so long now.
The land you rezzed them on might be group owned. On your avatar try to activate the same group that has land-rights. The chicken will hatch very soon.

My chicken is at 0% age all the time, whats wrong?
My chicken does not move. It was born on a prim located over the sea.
My chicken stopped working after a sim-crash.
My chickens head is detached from the rest of its body.
My chickens die because of Region-Lag.
Those are issues which have been fixed in this version of sionChicken. Unfortunately there is no automatic update procedure for sionChickens that have been released until Jan. 30th.

How do i feed my chickens?
Just put a bowl on the ground.

I found a better place for my chickens, but they keep returning to they place they were born.
Touch your chicken and type 'home', this will set a new home place.

How can i rename a chicken or egg?
Touch it and type: name <desiredname>

I wanted to put my chicken into the inventory, now its dead! Why?
You cannot put chickens into inventories, backpacks or pockets.

I won't be online for a few days or weeks.  Do I have to let my chickens die?
No! Ask someone to feed them for you.

It sucks to leave my chickens alone.
Thats life! You could take care of them for two weeks until your hen drops you a copy- and transferable egg. Then you can rez as many chickens as you like, whenever you want.

My chicken stopped moving and it did not die, whats wrong?
Chickens only stay in the same parcel they were born in. Although, they can be pushed into adjacent parcels where scripts are deactivated, or where objects may not enter. If that happens, they try to relocate to their birth-location, and activate their physics again.  When that fails, try to relocate your chicken by hand.

My chickens get lost too often, or they die too often, what can I do?
Try to restrict public access and protect your chickens, as if they were real. Give them enough space to walk around! Also feed them on a regular basis.

My baby chicken was just born but its broken!
It's not broken. It's just tired, and needs a rest. Give it time, it will walk around as soon as its ready.

I've just found a black egg on my land. What is that?
Black eggs carry a hereditary defect. Black chickens are very aggressive and tend to kill other chickens.

Why do eggs just give birth to red, green or blue chickens?
Let's assume you are raising chickens that have a custom color. If you want to add a red hue to their colors, your hen can be hybridized with a red rooster vice versa.