EggsAll eggs laid are now totally unique one of a kinds. This means that each egg that is laid is a single egg and not copyable. You get to decide whether to hatch it yourself, keep it for the future or sell it and allow someone else to enjoy it.

The chances of two people each having the same colour hen and same colour rooster mating at the same time and producing two eggs of identical colour are slim. To have both those eggs come up for sale at the same time is even rarer.

Eggs returned to your inventory due to land permissions or by another person, will now die of sharp objects. The same way as lives will die when taken into your inventory now. This will also greatly reduce the number of eggs available at any given time and make them much more valuable should you choose to sell them.

Eggs are as fragile as all eggs are in real life. This means they can be broken by stepping on them, other chickens pushing them around may damage them, etc. so they must be protected. If your egg gets turned into an "Omlette", it will not ever hatch a baby and will become tamporarily and vanish soon afterwards.

All eggs must be placed in a new SionChicken Egg Box that has also been released to prevent them from hatching, allow them to be taken safely into inventory, or set for sale or given away to another person.

Eggs purchased from Sion Zaius take about 15 minutes to hatch and come in the basic starter colours. All other colours must be purchased from reputable resellers who carry the "NEW WAVE" line of products and take about 2 hours to hatch.