Hatched chickWatch them grow up within weeks!

SionChicken is the most advanced near-nature Pet in Second Life. Sion Zaius has spent many dozens of hours, studying the behavoir of the Gallus gallus domesticus (coll. barn fowl). The result is one of the most realistic and addicting virtual Pets that have ever been emerged.

These amazing creatures are very close to their real life counter-parts and quickly become a major part of your Second Life world. SionChickens need food to grow up, mate when they are mature and lay eggs. Out from the eggs, new chickens will hatch.

Mature chickenRight after hatching, chicks have a fluff, which dissapears after about 4 or 5 days. Also their cheep cheeps will change into more adult bawk bawks.

As your chicken gets into puberty, it will be ready to mate. If you happen to be the lucky owner of a grown up hen and a rooster, you will most likely find laid eggs on your land after a while.

Sion Zaius' infiRepro™-Technology allows you to watch the next generation hatch. Or do you want give those eggs away as a gift? Its possible, so do it!

It even gets better. Each Animal has its own color which emerges from its mother and fathers color. With herediMix™ you can now breed chicken with your own special color. Do you want to sell a chicken with a special Color? Do it!
Laid eggs have the same color as the Chicken will have, which enables you to discern between them.

SionChickens are completely physical. They can be coddled or pushed around, they can even be killed by weapons. So take care of them! Do not bump or step on them, as they will remember you and it will take them a long time to trust you again!